Thursday, February 16, 2006

To my friends all over the world

So, my sweet sweet friends. This is my message to you. I love you guys so much and i miss each and every one of you. Some of you i know longer time, some just few months, but you all have a place in my heart.

Its alomost 2 weeks now since i got back from my 5-month adventure from Ireland. It was great. Starting with very difficult beginning, where i felt so alone, missed home and couldn't really understand, why am i there, when people i care about are so far away. But as most of you know, after some time, you get used to things, you find new friends and you don't miss home so much anymore. Iratxe, Arantxa, Inigo, Yasmine...thank you for this wonderful time. When you asked me about my country, i didn't really know what to say (Arantxa - im talking about Estonia ;)). I decided to show you a little bit.

After coming back, im kind of rediscovering my home. First thing of course was the weather. In Dublin averege temperature was around 7-8 degrees above 0. In Estonia, the day i arrived, was 12 degrees below 0. The very first day i had to buy new winterboots :). Then I spent 5 days on my home island with my mother. I walked around the town, where i have spent 10 years of my life. And that's when i decided to share with you what i saw (and it helped that my mom gave me a digital camera for my birthday :P)

That is a castle in my hometown.

And this is the beach. Who can tell, where the land ends and the sea begins?

And a little proof to you that i was actually there, that i didn't get these pictures from internet

Like many of us, i'm not very sure which way should i go....there's so many of them

After few days on the island i was ready to go back to Tallinn (the capital), where i live now. But before arriving there, i had to take the ferry. That's my dad. He works on the ferry as a mechanic.

Isn't it just beautiful. Everything is white as far as you can see.

Few days i stayed in Tallinn and then for the weekend i went to Tartu, which is the town, where i studyed and lived for 5 years.

This is one of the symbols of the town. Statue called The Kissing Students. It's on the Town Hall Square and is the meeting point for everyone.

And another symbol. The main building of my university.

Here is another statue. Oskar Wilde and Eduard Wilde. First is Irish writer as you all know and the other one is Estonian writer. This statue is representing imaginary meeting those two had. Of course in real life they never met. But they did live approximately the same time. The reason why i put these pictures here is quite simple. The first one is done in Tartu, in front of Wilde pub, where i used to work and the other one is done in Galway (Ireland). Tartu gave copy of it to Galway as a present, when Estonia joined European Union.

Just for one day, me and lots of my friends went out of town to a Taagepera Castle, because Estonian Students Society was having their Winterdays there. It was a beautiful place.

And of course, what is winter without sledging. The guy in ligthbrown coat is my boyfriend, holding a bottle of brandy in his hands :P And one picture of beautiful trees in white.

So that's it for now, my friends. This weekend im going out of town again to my cousin's wedding. Kalli to everyone!!!